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HOLOGRAMSStandard Holograms with Overprinting (Stock patterns)

Standard Holograms with Overprinting (Stock patterns)

We suggest using the standard hologram in when only small quantity are needed. After choosing a design, we will print your logo, logotype, number, etc on the face of the hologram.

No. 1
Circle, diameter 21mm, square 20x20mm
No. 2
Circle, diameter 19mm
No. 3
Square 19x19mm
No. 4
Unrestricted shape and size
No. 5
Unrestricted shape and size
No. 6
Unrestricted shape and size
No. 7
Square 20x20mm
No. 8
Unrestricted shape and size
No. 9
Unrestricted shape and
No. 10
Square 20x20mm
No. 11
Square 20x20mm
No. 12
Square 20x20mm
gold AURIS
Nr 13
Rectangle 15 x 20 mm
Nr 14
Square 20x20mm
Nr 15
Unrestricted shape and size

The print can be in black, silver, red, blue, green or gold.


The newest irremovable securing of holograms offered by our company.

Laser burns the layer of aluminum inside hologram what additionally raises the level of security.

The height of the letters, numbers and graphics can be set up from micro text (0.4 mm) to 12 mm. The maximum width of the sign is 48 mm. Laser Graver makes possible serial numbering, numbering with stated step, according to algorithm or from the data base. The hologram in place of marking becomes transparent and the colour of base is visible. It makes possible to obtain new visual effects.

The performance of the machine depends on the level of compilation of the graphics and area of demetalization and therefore the price of laser engraving is calculated individually.

Examples of prints