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Holographic car stickers VERA-Taxi and STOP NIGHT


Windscreen holographic stickers - those have been designed to be used to mark taxi cars. They consist of two parts: A holographic sticker and transparent foil, with a logo, coat of arms, license number etc. printed on it. The hologram is self-destructive (tamper evident). Once applied, it will be destroyed upon any attempts to remove it.

A number of cities in Poland use our taxi stickers.



Night Stop holographic stickers are applied on the inside of car windows. They are used in prevention actions organized by the Police aiming to stop thefts of cars. A car owner, by applying a NIGHT STOP sticker declares that he or she will not use such a car at night. Such a car should be stopped by the Police and checked while in use at night.
The stickers have a very characteristic and attractive look. They are very reflective and are easily visible in artificial light. It is impossible to remove such a sticker quickly and easily.
In case a sponsor finances such a prevention action it is possible to print the sponsor’s logo or other information on the face of the sticker.