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A hologram is an Optically Variable Device (OVD). They offer perfect protection against forgery.
The three golden rules of protecting against forgery are:
  • The protection should be visible and eye catching;
  • It should be difficult to falsify;
  • It should be easily and quickly verifiable;

A hologram easily fulfills all these requirements.

Most of our holograms are made on self-destructing foil (tamper evident). Once applied on paper, plastics or metals, the hologram will be destroyed during any removal attempt.

Tamper evident effect

We can also provide hot stamping, hot printing holograms. Once applied, those holograms melt into, and permanently bond with the base.

What hologram should I choose?

1. Custom hologram:
In issues above 10 000 pcs, we can offer a fully customized, unique, design. Each element of the hologram, and effects can be agreed with the client.

2. Standard hologram:
In smaller issues, we can offer a much cheaper and faster alternative - a standard hologram, with a custom print. After choosing a hologram design form our catalogue, we can print a specified logo, logotype, text, number etc. Such a hologram is considered as an original, with the print and registered.

3. Other holograms:
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