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Secure Documents

Shares, bonds, certificates, coupons, bills, tickets. (Photo 1 and 2)

We guarantee full confidentiality and safety from the design to the final produce.
Photo 1
Secured documents
Photo 2
Secured documents

The first requirement towards creating secure documents is the use of high quality, hard to acquire paper, with watermarks, metal security threads, shining in UV light (money testers) and reacting to solvents and bleachers. (Photo 4)

Photo 3
UV-visible print
Photo 4
Paper with 2 tone security threads visible in UV Light
Photo 5
UV-visible ink
Photo 6
Guilloche frames

We often use guilloches in our graphical project- a hard to copy and very ornamental graphics composed of patterns of lines. (Photo 5 and 6)

Print - we print in offset, using true colors.

We use the following protections:
Photo 7
Hologram melted into the paper base

  • Hot stamp holograms - melted into the paper base
  • Tamper-evident holographic sticker
  • Hologram with laser microprint (Vera proprietary technology)
  • Holographic foil prints - any shape, any size (logo, logotype, pictogram) (Photo 7)
  • Holographic foil printed with the use of a structural matrix - any shape, any size (Photo 8)
Photo 8
Holographic foil printed
with the use of a structural matrix
Dry print - concave-convex seals (Photo 9 and 10)
Photo 9
Dry print example
Photo 10
Dry print example
  • Offset print using UV-visible ink (Photo 3)
  • Numbering

- Continuous

- Random

- Alphanumeric

- Algorithmic

  • Print of changing, variable data.
  • Barcode printing.
Bonds, tokens, tickets can be split into packs with a certain amount, be printed on perforated sheets, or be folded into booklets.